A Rhodesian Ridgeback gallops through the grass

Dogs are incredible companions, a fact not lost on the millions of American households. They become such a seamless part of our lives, it’s almost like they were meant for us. But, depending on their breed, some dogs could actually be a lot happier if their lifestyles or environments got a fuel injection. Highly active dog breeds need more than love and protection to truly thrive. If you’re looking for an entry into the high-octane world of intelligent, performance-driven dogs, we’ve got you covered.

Won’t. Stop. Moving.

If you’ve ever crossed paths with a Rhodesian ridgeback, you probably saw that they are all action, all the time. This breed is a great partner for running fairly long distances (they were originally bred to help on lion hunts!), but may need a lot of extra time and attention to keep their energy from running amok. Destructive behaviors, stress, and anxiety may be seen in a ridgeback that doesn’t get their maximum daily exercise.

Outside Forever

Families that hunt, camp, or generally just enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible might be best served by a German shorthaired pointer. Always up for a good time, this breed is slightly goofy about their devotion to fresh air, moving vehicles, and the closeness of their people. 

The Power of the Husky

Beyond their striking good looks, huskies are natural-born athletes. Originally bred to pull sleds in Siberia, these dogs have a super thick undercoat that helps them endure freezing conditions. They are at home in colder climates, but can possibly enjoy the summer months if proper precautions for their safety are closely followed (they must stay out of the heat). Running, swimming, and all other outdoorsy activities are immensely enjoyed by this friendly, fun-loving breed.

Scaling Back on Size

Some dog owners want a dog to keep up with their busy, active lifestyles, but they don’t want a large breed. Smaller breeds like corgis, beagles, Jack Russell terriers, Australian shepherds, and English springer spaniels have so much to offer physically. They are also among some of the most intelligent, curious, and loyal dogs out there today. 

The Amazing Border Collie

Even if you don’t live on an acreage with livestock, a border collie may be the right fit for your family. They are among some of the most intelligent, active dog breeds around the world. Always up for something to do, whether it’s fetch, frisbee, or going for a drive, border collies are incredibly attuned to their owner’s needs, interests, and lifestyles.

Australian Cattle Dogs

Obvious herding skills make this breed super interesting to busy families. They will keep everyone in line while spreading happiness and joy. They are loving, sweet dogs with tons of endurance to keep their people moving, and fast. 

Active Dog Breeds 

There are so many dog breeds to choose from. Whether you decide for a purebred or a mixed variety, you should have a good handle on their inherited skills, behaviors, and personalities. 

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