Smart brown cat uses the toilet.

In general, the public does not view the feline species as trainable like their canine counterparts. In reality, though, cats can be taught many things. You just need to know how to motivate them! Things like toilet training a cat are totally possible when you know how, and Godspeed Animal Care wants to share all of our tips and tricks with you.  

Considerations for Toilet Training a Cat

Training your pet to do tricks and follow commands can be fun and offer a great opportunity for bonding. Toilet training a cat might appeal to you for other reasons, though, too 


  • A cat who has been toilet trained won’t need a litter box scooped
  • You will no longer need to handle and dispose of kitty waste
  • No more gravel trails through your home
  • No litter boxes equal better odor control

On the other hand, though, toilet training a cat can have downsides. Cats do not generally flush, nor do they put the lid down when they are finished. Also consider that it can be much more difficult to monitor whether your pet is urinating and defecating normally when you are not  scooping. 

Your Guide to Training a Cat to Use a Toilet

If you have decided that your cat using the toilet instead of a litter box is the best decision for your family, you have a little work to do! Cats do not instinctively know to use a human toilet, and so you must teach them what you want them to do.

As with most things, cats respond best when they feel that something is their idea. We suggest transitioning from litter box to toilet gradually using the following method:

  1. Move the litter box into the bathroom so that your kitty gets used to this being their potty spot.
  2. Once your cat is using the litter box in the bathroom, raise the litter box up to toilet height or even onto the toilet seat. Be sure that it is secure and won’t flip over and scare your cat.
  3. Place a graduated litter insert made for toilets into the toilet seat and allow your cat to get used to aiming into the bowl.
  4. Gradually remove the inserts until there is no litter left.

Be sure to take each step slowly and be sure that your cat is really accepting each change before moving on. You may need to go even more conservatively (i.e. raising the litter box a little more each week until you get to toilet height). Follow kitty’s lead and before you know it, you will be an expert at training a cat to use a toilet!

Sudden changes in your cat’s potty habits can be of concern, so please let us know if your cat is urinating outside of their normal area or is exhibiting other changes. 

Sharing your toilet with your cat isn’t for everyone, but for many homes it is a viable option. If you do decide that you would like to do so, toilet training a cat can be a rewarding experience.