Ask a Vet: Why Do Cats Drool?

cats droolThe movie Homeward Bound depicts the harrowing journey made by three courageous pets. Chance and Shadow are two canines who appreciate their feline friend, Sassy, although they bicker like most cats and dogs. Sassy says, “Like I said all along, poopsie, cats rule and dogs drool!”

Antagonistic or not, Sassy’s got a point. Certain breeds of dogs are known to drool more than others. However, there are reasons why some cats drool, too – and they aren’t always good.

Cloud Nine

Many cats drool when blissed out. This usually occurs after kneading, snuggling their owners, or even just dreaming. A sign of great happiness, most cat owners will look upon a puddle of drool with a sigh or a shrug.

The important thing to remember is that, while cat drooling can be a benign behavior, it can also signify disease, medical problems, or pain that shouldn’t be ignored.


Hello, Kitty! 10 Feline Facts Worth Pouncing On

Cat on the carpetThere’s irrefutable proof that humans have coexisted with cats for nearly 10,000 years, a solid amount of time to really get to know a species. However, anecdotal evidence collected over millennia and contemporary scientific research support what we intrinsically already knew: there’s still much to learn about the mysterious cat! We love them because they keep us guessing, but also because of the following feline facts we know to be true.

Borderline Bizarre

A grave in Cyprus revealed human and kitten remains, proving a relationship between our two species that possibly began 9,500 years ago. Cats were a non-native species to this Mediterranean island, so the humans that brought this cat (or his or her relative) did so purposely.

While a cat on a rudimentary boat or raft seems unbelievable, consider the feline fact that cats can drink seawater! Unlike humans, healthy feline kidneys can efficiently filter out the salt and not become dehydrated.

10 Feline Facts

With quirky characteristics and puzzling skills, we adore and admire cats for these feline facts (and so many more!):


To Go or Not to Go: How to Tell if Your Cat Is Sick

Cat with Holiday PoinsettiaAlthough cats are the most popular pets in the U.S. (they outnumber dogs by almost 15 million), cats visit the veterinarian far less frequently than their canine counterparts. While there are certainly a variety of factors at play in why pet owners take cats to the vet less often, one reason may be that the signs of illness in cats are often subtle and hard to recognize.

Too often, by the time a pet owner realizes his or her cat is ill, the cat is very, very ill. Medical problems are often best treated when they are caught early, making it critically important to learn how to tell if your cat is sick.

Figuring out if Your Cat Is Sick

Cats have evolved to hide signs of illness and injury, but an astute pet owner can determine if his or her cat should take a trip to the veterinarian by paying attention to the following:


The Big Picture: Preventing Heartworm in Cats is Important

Godspeed_iStock_000000602180_LargeOf all the illnesses we vaccinate your cat against, heartworm disease is not one of them. While it’s true that felines are considered resistant to the growing worms, both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk for developing heartworm disease. Limiting exposure and taking a preventive approach are the best weapons to defend against heartworm in cats.

A Proactive Approach

Commonly viewed as a disease that only affects dogs, heartworm in cats occurs nationwide, causing painful symptoms and early mortality. Because of this (and to avoid emergency care), we advise routine screening and monthly preventive medication to protect your cat. Continue…

The Heartache of Heartworm

Godspeed_iStock_000013832378_Large (1)No one likes mosquitoes. They whine in your ear, create itchy welts, and carry dreadful diseases. Not surprisingly, mosquitoes aren’t just bothersome to humans; they will feed on virtually all mammals, including our pets.

No matter where you live, your beloved pet is at risk for the mosquito-borne parasites, heartworms. While dry regions have a much lower incidence than warm, wet regions, this deadly roundworm has been reported in all 50 states.


Halloween Safety For Pets

iStock_000042025524_MediumThe spookiest season of the year is upon us, and that means tricks, treats, and costumes galore. But are you and your pet are ready to enjoy this night of ghouls and goblins, superheroes and villains? If the decorations are up, the candy bought, and the pumpkins carved, the only left to do is take the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe and comfortable on what could be a very distressing night for your four-legged trickster.

The Tricks, the Treats, and Everything in Between

Many aspects of Halloween can be incredibly enjoyable for both you and your pet, but as with every holiday, there are potential dangers that could threaten both your pet’s health and safety. As All Hallows Eve draws nearer, here are a few things to remember when it comes to Halloween safety for pets: Continue…