Fun Ways to Reinvigorate Your Dog’s Daily Walk

dog and ownerIf you are the proud pet parent to an energetic canine, you probably enjoyed a walk with your dog this morning… What? No? You didn’t?

Our best friends seem to be an endless source of walking exuberance, but somehow in the middle of snow and cold weather or in our busy schedules, we have lost interest and motivation for those important dog walks.

There are times when it isn’t safe to walk your dog – below freezing temperatures or during a winter storm, for example. In most cases, however – and with a fitted dog jacket and booties for those short haired and tiny pups – the benefits far outweigh the excuses.

So, why not take January’s National Walk Your Pet Month’s celebratory cue, and infuse some new energy into those daily dog walks. Here are some creative ideas to get you started! Continue…