Long in the Tooth: Supporting Senior Pet Dental Care

Dog mouth with excellent white teeth.

Oral health is vital for all pets, but for those approaching the golden years, routine cleanings and exams are of the utmost importance. February marks National Pet Dental Health month, and our team is excited to broaden your understanding of senior pet dental care.

A Worthy Venture

The vast majority of pets over the age of three are affected by periodontal disease in one form or another. There are four stages of this painful disease that range from gingivitis to tooth loss, which is why your pet’s dental health is a major facet of his or her lifetime wellness. At Godspeed Animal Care, we include an assessment of your pet’s teeth and gums during every routine exam.


Cavities in Dogs? While Rare, They’re Not Unheard Of

We emphasize good pet dental care because periodontal disease is irreversible and progressive. The good news is that with a dedicated dental care routine, this disease is entirely preventable.

There is another facet of pet dental care that requires an added layer of vigilance, however. Dental cavities in dogs are a known phenomenon but because they aren’t as common, dog owners may be surprised to know they’re actually a risk.


Pet Dental Health: More Than Meets The Eye

Godspeed_iStock_000009963933_Large (2)Cleaning your pet’s teeth may rank below scooping litter or trimming nails on the excitement-o-meter, but keeping your pet’s dental health on the back burner can cost you both. Beyond all the wonderful benefits associated with adopting a new dental care regimen (bad breath, be gone!), keeping your pet’s pearly whites healthy may extend your precious pet’s life as much as two years.

If you’re new to the notion of pet dental health and care, read on to learn what matters and why. Continue…