Senior Pet Care: The Good Years

Cat Going Blind With CataractsWhen it comes to the love, joy, friendship, and laughter pets bring to our lives, age truly knows no bounds. Whether you’ve cared for your pet since he or she was a puppy or kitten, or opened your home to an older pet, senior pet care is a deeply rewarding experience.

Thanks to better home care, the availability of proper nutrition, and advances in veterinary science, our pets are living longer now than ever before. Because pets age much more quickly than humans (a pet is considered a senior at roughly 7 years of age), it’s important to understand and stay alert to their changing health needs.

Senior Pet Care 101

Since the risk of disease increases with age, regular veterinary care is essential for the intervention and treatment of age-related disease or other health issues. At Godspeed Animal Care, we recommend twice-yearly wellness exams and diagnostic lab workups for senior pets.