A dog holds a leash in his mouth.

The leash is the quintessential must-have for dog owners and their Fido friends. They facilitate training, walks, and all the fun, while still allowing all involved a sense of security while you’re out in the world. 

But not all leashes are created equal. Some leashes are not the appropriate size for certain dogs and their activities. If you are asking yourself, “which leash should I choose,” you’re in luck! The team at Godspeed Animal Care is here to help you choose the right one.

Before You Shop

Important questions to ask yourself about your dog and what they need in a leash include:

  1. Is my dog a chewer? Will they be able to chew through the leash?
  2. Am I concerned about how the leash looks and if it will stay clean?
  3. Should I choose a reflective safety leash, since I walk my dog at night or first thing before sunrise? 
  4. How well behaved is my dog? Are they a puller or resist the leash or being led?
  5. How big is my dog? What material and durability is best for them?

Be aware that different leashes are better suitable for different temperaments, sizes, and activities. You may decide on more than one, if you and your dog participate in a variety of outdoor activities together.

Types of Leashes

Now that you understand more about what your dog needs and what you like best, here are a few of the options available:

  1. Standard Straight Leash – These are your typical leashes that use a metal clasp or carabiner to attach to the collar. They are generally the best bet for most dogs since they are easy to get on and off and come in a wide range of sizes, materials, and durability. Usually they are 4-8 feet in length and the width varies to be matched to the weight and size of the dog. They come in a variety of materials, like leather, nylon, rope, braided cotton, and chain metal.
  2. Adjustable Leash – These leashes can be adjusted by a few feet, so they are perfect for training a puppy or adult dog. As they get used to the leash, you can let the length out a bit more without buying another one.
  3. Harness with Leash – Harnesses are a type of leash that are recommended for reactive dogs or those who pull. They’re also great for small or toy breeds. They work by using an adjustable harness that fits over the torso and attaches to any standard leash. Perfect for dogs who are still in the throes of loose leash training.
  4. Retractable Leash – While these are popular because they allow your dog to decide how far they want to roam, usually up to 10-12 feet for large dogs, they are considered dangerous. Because the leash works on a spring loaded or pulley system, the cord has been known to snap and cause lacerations, eye injuries, etc. It’s also not as easy to control a dog on a retractable leash and many injuries and accidents have been due to this problem.
  5. Specialty Leashes – Specialty leashes include those that can be attached to a belt or are hands-free, which allows for jogging with your pup, as well as multi-dog leashes when you want to walk all the dogs at once, and slip leads for a leash that is quick and cheap, and so on.

Which Leash Should I Choose for My Dog?

There are so many options in leashes available to dog owners, so it really depends on the specific needs of your best fur friend. We are always here for you if you would like recommendations. Simply give us a call! Happy walking!