Pamper Your Pet With Luxury Boarding

german shepard sitting in bed

The dog kennel at St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center in Williamsburg, Virginia, is so luxurious, it doesn’t seem right to call it a kennel. Our veterinarians and staff offer nothing but the best for your dog, cat, or exotic pet while you’re away, and that is reflected in the accommodations we provide for pet boarding. Check-in time for boarding pets is between 7am – 3pm.

Canine Guests

For our canine guests, we offer roomy Deluxe Runs, Deluxe Suites, and Presidential Suites. The suites are decorated in Americana, island, lodge, and character themes and boast the following features:

  • Individual televisions showing pet-friendly movies
  • Comfortable toddler beds
  • Area rugs
  • Ceiling fans
  • A private door to the outside exercise yards
  • Fine art decor
  • Automatic fresh waterers

Dogs are let out in the play yards five times a day for elimination and exercise. Our Deluxe Runs are 3 x 6 feet, with automatic waterers and platform beds, and our Executive Runs are 4 x 6 feet. Although not as luxurious as the Suites, every canine guest receives the same specialized care.

We require the following to board with us:

  • A current Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccine
  • Current on Canine Influenza vaccines to include both H3N2 and H3N8
  • Bordetella vaccine every 6 months
  • A negative fecal parasite exam every 6 months
  • Pet must be on a monthly intestinal parasite treatment such as Sentinel or Heartgard

***All vaccinations must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. For the well-being of all who board with us, no exceptions will be made to this protocol.***

Feline Guests

Our feline guests enjoy our roomy Raintree Condominiums with the following features:

  • Six feet tall with multiple perches
  • Windows with view of bird feeders
  • Ventilated litter box area
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Daily playtime in cat room

We require the following to board with us:

  • A current Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccine

Exotic Guests

We set aside an area of St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center for exotic pets, away from drafts and too much activity. Exotic pets are welcome in their own cages or aquariums.

Our veterinarians and staff recommend that you bring your pet’s food to eliminate any stomach upset that might be caused by a change in diet. If you choose not to bring your pet’s food, we offer Science Diet Pet Food for an additional fee.

When you’ve finalized your trip plans, please call us for a reservation. At that time, we require a deposit to guarantee a room for your dog, cat, or exotic animal. Please give us 72 hours’ notice prior to canceling your reservation. We encourage you to complete the appropriate forms for each of your pets online prior to checking in for boarding:

Online Boarding Packet

Monday – Sunday per night
Each Additional Pet In same accommodation per night
Presidential Suite, 8' × 10'
Deluxe Suite, 6' × 8'
Executive Run, 4' × 6'
Deluxe Run, 3' × 6'
Standard Run 3' × 5'
Cat Condos / 2' × 6'
Condos 1-8
Cat Condos / 2' × 6'
Condos 9-12 (Bird Side)
Cat Condo / Large Horizontal
Cat Condo / Small Horizontal
Cannot fit additional pet
Presidential Cat Condo
1st additional pet free, then $20.00 for each additional pet
Cat Quad / 2 Condos Open
Condos 1-8
1st additional pet free, then $20.00 for each additional pet
Cat Quad / 2 Condos Open
Condos 9-12
1st additional pet free, then $20.00 for each additional pet
$12.00 each additional pet
Supplying Our Food
Under 50 lbs $3.00 per day
Over 50 lbs $4.00 per day
Supplying Raw Diet

At St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center, we look forward to hosting your pet!

The best there is. Makes me wish I was a dog so I could get treated there!

Steve Bour

My two dogs receive top level, state of the art medical care. The vets and techs are highly trained and compassionate.

Linda K

Best Vet and Pet Resort in Hampton Roads. I live 45 minutes away and only take my dog here. They are always so friendly and definitely take care of your pet! I always feel like Butter is getting taken care of when I am gone. I highly recommend both Godspeed Animal Care and St. Francis Pet Resort!

Levinia T

I found out that my dog had a hot spot, and was able to be seen that day. They are very caring people, from the receptionist to the doctor!

Marian E.

Wonderful place! Crockett was there for doggy playcare. He was happy when I saw him at the end of the day. He came home ate dinner and went to bed! It was a good tiring day !! Thank you!

Jessica S.

I always get excellent service from the employees at Godspeed Animal Care. Everyone is helpful and kind, and they treat all animals well. They will get answers to questions I have about my cat and his special diet. Thank you for being my cat's veterinary office.

Jo Anna P.

Everyone was so very friendly and treated Ruffles and Wrinkles like little queens. They mean the world to us, and to see the service and treatment they received only confirmed that Godspeed Animal Care will be their permanent veterinarian service. Thanks to all!

Melony Downing.