Adopting a mutt is the very best!

While the reasons to purchase a pet directly from a breeder vary, prospective owners are usually drawn to a particular look, distinct personality, or other well-known behavioral traits. While it’s true that responsible breeding has its place, the team at Godspeed Animal Care wants to remind people that a mixed breed pet can also bring a great deal to the table. In other words, adopting a mutt can be a huge game-changer!

A Look at Genetics

Part of the fun of a mixed breed pet is that we don’t always know their exact heritage. We can observe certain obvious markers, but without previous knowledge of a pet’s parents and/or genetic testing, it’s a guessing game.

Many owners are interested in having a concrete understanding of an animal’s breed so they can better determine whether they’ll be a good fit for their lifestyle and family.

Nature vs. Nurture

There’s a perception purebred pets aren’t as healthy as, say, mutts. That’s because mixed breed pets tend to inherit fewer hereditary health concerns, and, as a result, can be healthier than their genetically pure counterparts.To combat this idea, some breeders try to weed out genetic diseases known to plague certain breeds, such as hip dysplasia, cancer, or heart disease.

In short, because mutts receive a lower dose of specific purebred genetics, they’re hardier, healthier, and generally require less specialized medical care.

That’s Not to Say…

However, while mutts inherit fewer diseases, they still require the same level of attention to overall health and wellbeing. Preventing contagious diseases, dental care, excellent nutrition, daily exercise, and more all play into the health of a mixed breed pet.

What About Their Behavior?

Purebreds come with prominent markers of personality, and many are purchased in order to perform certain jobs, like hunting, herding, or guarding.

If you’re thinking about adopting a mutt but aren’t sure of their personality or history, positive reinforcement training and other bonding opportunities have the potential to address any fear-based behavioral issues.

Adopting a Mutt

There’s so much to love about mixed-breed pets, and adopting a mutt from a shelter or rescue helps save lives. It also frees up space and resources to help other homeless pets find their forever home. In addition, because of the potential for unethical standards around breeding, you’re taking a stand against the “pets for profit” mentality.

The Marvelous Mutt

A pure breed can be quite expensive to purchase and support. On the other hand, adopting a mutt is extremely cost-effective. They’re usually already spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. What’s more, they could already be potty-trained, socialized, and eager to please their new best friend!

Adorable to the Max!

Adopting a mutt is the obvious choice for many prospective pet owners, and our team is happy to help you make an informed decision. Since a mixed breed pet is the result of at least two different breeds (usually more), you’ll be getting a truly unique pet who doesn’t look or behave like any other. What could be better than that?