Vet techs are the backbone of pet health

When you visit your doctor’s office, there is always a nurse that takes your blood pressure, weight, temperature, and so forth before the exam begins. In our profession, instead of nursing professionals, veterinarians need vet techs (veterinary technicians) or LVTs (licensed veterinary technicians). And when we say that we need them, we really, really need them! In fact, they are so important to hospital functionality, an entire week in October is set aside to celebrate their hard work, raise them up, and provide additional tools to help them succeed.

But what do vet techs do, exactly?

Family First

At Godspeed Animal Care, we are a family. Our tight-knit group of animal lovers wants to bring all of our collective skills to the table to help pets in need. Leading the pack will always be vet techs.

They stop at nothing to support, treat, and save an animal in their care – all while doing at least 5 other important tasks. They are the ones you deal with in the exam room before and after your pet is examined by a veterinarian, and as far as we’re concerned, they handle the emotional and physical responsibilities of the job with aplomb.

Look Back, Move Forward

Back in 1993, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians declared that the 3rd week of October would be set aside for National Vet Tech Week. It’s a week of celebration, but it’s also an opportunity to educate the public about the profession. Team building and professional development are major facets of vet tech week, as well.

A Wide Scope

Vet techs are so amazing because unlike nurses in your doctor’s office, they serve as support in various other ways, such as:

In other words, vet techs are the multi-tasking heroes of the profession.

Getting There

There are various certifications necessary to obtain licensure. State-approved curriculum for Veterinary Technology typically leads to either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. A credentialing examination must be passed before entering the field. Then, vets techs must pursue ongoing education to remain up-to-date on their license/registration/certification.

Vet techs are supervised by licensed veterinarians and cannot diagnose, prescribe, perform surgery, or act in any way out of accordance with state veterinary standards. As a result, vets techs are the “eyes” and “ears” of the practice, and work endlessly for the welfare of the animals in our care.

Vet Techs Are Amazing

This October, our entire staff will raise our voices for the vast accomplishments of all the vet techs out there that make veterinary practices work well. For all your hard work, dedication, support, and skills, we appreciate you, vet techs! Thank you!