As pets age, their paw pads thicken up and harden, but they still experience pain after consistent exposure to the elements. Without a doubt, paw pads are very sensitive to heat, but special care is also needed during sub-freezing temperatures. Traditional salts and deicers can be extremely harsh and can even lead to GI upset if swallowed.

Luckily, with a little extra attention to pet paw care this season, your best friend will be ready to go.

Easing In

We’re all looking forward to spring, but we may be waiting a while. Maybe your pet has acclimated to the frozen sidewalks, but many others opt to stay indoors until it warms up. You can try making it easier for your pet with shorter, more frequent walks this winter.

If the ground is too cold for your bare feet, just imagine how uncomfortable it is for your pet. With everything from cuts and scrapes to other surface injuries or irritation, damage to the paw pads is common. Ice balls or snowpack can also get stuck to the fur between the pads.

Keep ‘Em Comfy

We recommend using only pet-safe ice melts or salts on your property, but you never know what other people are using. Do your best to steer your pet away from areas where products appear to be heavily applied. Also wash and thoroughly dry their feet when you get home.

These Booties are Made for Walking

Many animals cannot abide by booties or clothing in general. With a little positive reinforcement, however, they can become a little more flexible and open to the idea. Train your pet to wear booties around the house, offering praise, treats, and playtime. When they seem to be more tolerant, try going for a walk together. You may notice you jaunts getting longer and more enjoyable for your pet.

Pet Paw Care

Trimming the hairs between the pads can help minimize the amount of snow and ice buildup. If you notice your pet is preoccupied with their feet after a walk, help them out by washing and drying their paws. If you notice any signs of soreness or irritation, please let us know.

Explore Your Options

The use of products designed to protect delicate, sensitive skin is another important component of pet paw care. Musher’s Secret uses non-toxic oils and waxes to protect paw pads from severe temperatures and chemicals. Remember to wash all products off your pet’s feet after romping around outdoors.

Winter Fun

Not every pet enjoys the snow, cold air, and ice, but with a proactive approach to their comfort and safety, they may start enjoying the season a bit more.

If you have additional questions or concerns about seasonal pet paw care, please contact the team at Godspeed Animal Care.