private veterinary practiceAt Godspeed Animal Hospital, we believe that there is something special about a private veterinary practice. As with most local businesses, a private veterinary practice is rooted in the community in which it operates. We are your neighbors, friends, and fellow PTA members, and have been for years. We invest our resources into neighborhood little league teams, local non-profits, and our community as a whole.

However, as you may know, we have seen a rise in corporate veterinary practices in the Williamsburg area in the past few years. As a result, we find ourselves fielding more and more questions about what sets our private veterinary practice apart from our corporate counterparts. Because of this, we would like to share with you what we think makes a private veterinary practice special – for both you, and for your pets.

Family Atmosphere

We believe that our most valuable asset is the Godspeed Animal Care team. Our veterinary technicians, receptionists, veterinarians, management, and animal care staff have a long history together, and we operate not only as a team, but as a family. Our dedication radiates throughout our practice because this.

We take care of our employees like family. Because the relationships we build with our staff, employees stay with us longer, keeping your experience and your pet’s care personal and consistent.

We consider our patients (and their parents) to be part of our family, too. We have known many of our patients since their first days with you. We have watched them galumph and grow from awkward and mischievous imps into loyal companions, and even helped more than our fair share cross the rainbow bridge. The time we spend caring for your fuzzy family means more than the bottom line, and we sincerely hope that commitment shows.

Individualized Patient Care

It is our professional philosophy that an individualized approach to patient care is best. While, many corporate-run practices economize by putting strict animal care protocols in place, we know there is not a one-size fits all approach to veterinary medicine, and eschew this type of cookie-cutter care.

When a pet comes in to see us, we want to be able to make decisions and recommendations based on what that particular pet needs in terms of veterinary care – not what on corporate protocol tells us we should do. As a private practice, we have the freedom and autonomy to make tailored, personalized recommendations for your pet without worrying about medical values that may be inappropriately applied across many corporate hospitals with geographic and economic differences.

A Private Veterinary Practice Has a Place in the Community

Our community in Williamsburg is so important to us. We have been a part of this area for many years and as such, we have come to know and value our relationships with the other businesses and community members close by.

As a private practice, we have the freedom to participate and give back to our local community, rather than having to contribute to sponsorships with a corporate interest that might not resonate with our values and hearts.

While it’s true that many of the employees working in the corporate veterinary industry are part of our community, too; it’s worth noting that the profits of these practices rarely trickle down to the local economy. Corporate practices aren’t invested in our community, or loyal to those of us that live here. If their revenue stream dries up, they will pull up stakes and leave their patients, clients, and employees, wondering, “Now what?”.

The Nitty Gritty

Whether you are coming to us for your pet’s wellness care, surgery, allergy testing or therapeutic laser treatments, you can be assured that, at Godspeed Animal Care, you and your pet will receive the best in care available in Williamsburg – and that it comes with a personal touch. Contact us for an appointment and let us show you what makes private veterinary practice special.