Pump it Up: Blood Pressure in Pets

Blood pressure in pets.

While most humans know that maintaining a healthy blood pressure is important for their overall health, few of us recognize that this vital parameter is important for animals as well. Godspeed Animal Care recommends checking blood pressure in pets periodically because deviations from normal can have serious impacts on our patient’s overall well being. 


All About Your Pet’s Skin

Pet allergies: a dog bites at his leg.

There are few things worse than feeling like your skin is crawling, even for our furry loved ones. Constant itchiness or dry skin is something that many pets live with. It’s difficult for everyone, really. Many pet owners feel equally helpless and frustrated that their pet can’t stop scratching. What causes these highly specific problems, and what can we do about it?


The Heartache of Heartworm

Godspeed_iStock_000013832378_Large (1)No one likes mosquitoes. They whine in your ear, create itchy welts, and carry dreadful diseases. Not surprisingly, mosquitoes aren’t just bothersome to humans; they will feed on virtually all mammals, including our pets.

No matter where you live, your beloved pet is at risk for the mosquito-borne parasites, heartworms. While dry regions have a much lower incidence than warm, wet regions, this deadly roundworm has been reported in all 50 states.


Scratch and Sneeze: Understanding Pet Allergies

Godspeed_iStock_000009666900_MediumDid you know that pets can suffer from allergies, just like us? Pet allergies are more common than previously thought – in fact, about 10% of all canines struggle with some type of allergy. When your pet suffers from allergies, his or her immune systems will respond by going into overdrive. This hyper-reaction can cause sneezing, but is more often expressed through dermatological distress, such as red, itchy skin, hair loss, and ear infections.

Determining the source of pet allergies can be difficult. Common allergens can include grass, fleas, pollen, dust, mites, and even food. So, what are the types of pet allergies and what can be done to help a sneezing dog or a wheezing cat? Continue…