The long cold days of winter can throw everyone off their game. Through the busy holidays and cold weather, you and your pet may have chucked the usual exercise regiment in favor of sleep and snuggles. That’s okay to a certain point, but daily exercise and socialization are important to good health and well-being for your fur friend. 

Godspeed Animal Care came up with these exercises and fun inspired activities you can do to burn off some of your pet’s pen- up energy. These will surely inspire the two of you to maintain those games, activities, and daily walks, even if you have to do them indoors. 

10 Awesome Winter Activities for Pets to Keep You Moving

Exercising with your four-legged can be a great way to strengthen the bond you share. We’ve helped compile some ideas for new activities that can shake off those winter doldrums. 

  1. Take to the steps. If you have stairs or even aerobic steps around the house, get your pet’s leash, put on some energetic music, and walk the steps up and down. This is a good cardiovascular workout to get both of you moving.

  2. Walk on a treadmill. Yes, you can get your pet on the treadmill with you! Start slow and walk with the leash. If you want to include your feline friend, you can use a harness and leash if they are used to walking on it. When the weather is too dreadful to take to the sidewalks, a treadmill can be perfect.

  3. Try out Skijoring. What the heck is skijoring? Glad you asked. It is a modified version of dog sledding that is gaining in popularity. You don’t need to have a husky since this sport is appropropriate for most breeds.

  4. Bust a move. Put on your favorite music and shake a tail feather with your best friend. Most pets can get into the action by hopping, chasing, running in circles, and other upbeat forms of exercise as you dance. You never know, they may even want to dance too.

  5. Host a pet party. Rotating pet daycares and parties can help alleviate winter boredom for well behaved pets. Enlist some friends or neighbors and open up your home for the day, so the furry ones can play.

  6. Try some new games. Add new toys and games to your pet’s treasure box. Challenge puzzle games and pet technologies, like interactive videos, can break up the dulls and get your pet engaged.

  7. Go on a trip. Sometimes you can find great deals on vacation getaways during winter,  especially after the holidays. If you and your pet are feeling down about the darker days, pack your bags and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go (pet friendly designation, of course).

  8. Take a class. No, we don’t mean algebra, we mean trick training, advanced obedience, or other training classes for your four-legged. Group training classes are perfect for socialization and exercise, and will give your pet additional skills for a new year.

  9. Back together. Have you always wanted to make homemade pet treats or food? Now is your chance. Source several tasty recipes online and get your mixing bowl. Your pet will love to be the taster!

  10. Try Doga. Doga is a type of yoga that was developed for dogs, based on the ancient practice of stretching and meditation. Doga isn’t always for dogs, since they have widened the practice to include cats, goats, chickens, and you name it. It’s all-inclusive.

We hope these 10 tips for boredom busting winter activities for pets come in handy. We’d love to get feedback on your experience with them, and whether or not your pet loved them. Please give us a call or post your comments on our Facebook page.