Complete Veterinary Surgery Services

doctor performing surgery

Our dedicated, innovative surgical suite allows for a wide variety of surgical procedures. During every animal’s surgery, we adhere to AAHA standards to provide the highest level of quality care for each and every pet. We were the first veterinary hospital in Williamsburg to offer a CO2 surgical laser as an option for our patients.

Prior to Your Pet’s Surgery

Make sure your pet has no food after 10 p.m., but water is okay. If you animal has eaten after 10 p.m., we will delay the surgery until later in the day or reschedule the surgery for another day. When you bring your dog or cat in for surgery, our veterinarians and staff perform a pre-surgical exam and pre-anesthetic blood work. Your pet receives an intravenous (IV) catheter and IV fluids to properly hydrate his or her organs. All instrumentation is properly sterilized in our autoclave.

During the Procedure

A dedicated, trained veterinary assistant uses our computerized monitoring equipment to assess your animal’s temperature, heart and respiratory rates, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, blood pressure, and EKG readings. Your pet’s comfort is our utmost concern, so we keep your dog or cat comfortable with a warm water recirculating blanket. Some animals are able to recover in our temperature-controlled incubator.

Pain Management

Since we know that animals experience pain and discomfort in much the same way that humans do, we ensure that pain management is a core component of every dog or cat’s surgical protocol. We provide pain alleviating medication during and after the procedure.


When your pet is moved to recovery, a veterinary assistant calls to update you about your pet’s procedure and confirms your pick-up appointment. During this appointment, the veterinarian discusses the surgery, reviews post-operative instructions and medications, and answers any questions you may have. Once you’re home with your animal, we call you to make sure your pet is doing well and to answer any additional questions you might have.

Laser Surgery

Our veterinarians use a laser during many surgeries such as spaying and neutering and tumor or mass removals, and it is the only method we use to perform feline declaws. Dogs, cats, birds, and a variety of other animals are able to benefit from the numerous properties that the laser provides, including:

  • Reduced bleeding—Traditional surgery uses a blade to cut, while the CO2 laser uses an intense light beam, sealing blood vessels as the incision is made. This reduces bleeding and the amount of time your pet is under anesthesia.
  • Reduced inflammation—Since the laser beam is used to penetrate the tissue, physical contact with a scalpel blade is not required. This diminishes tissue damage and bruising that would otherwise occur and makes post-surgical inflammation nearly nonexistent.
  • Reduced pain—The CO2 laser seals the nerve endings as it passes over the tissue, significantly reducing post-operative pain for your pet.
  • Reduced infection—The laser kills bacteria, which reduces the risk of infection after surgery.
  • Increased precision—The CO2 laser’s beam is so precise that our veterinarians can selectively remove a few cells at a time, offering a much higher level of accuracy than that of traditional surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet has orthopedic injuries, such as luxating patellae (dislocated kneecaps) or cruciate ligaments tears, we give your pet an initial exam, take X-rays, and devise a treatment plan. We consult with you about all the available options. After the procedure, we provide pain management and discuss follow-up care including rehabilitation at St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center.

Outside Referrals

With four veterinarians at Godspeed Animal Care, we have a lot of expertise to cover almost any situation. However, there are times when we do refer our clients to other veterinarians, depending upon your pet’s needs and where you live. These veterinarian hospitals include:

For the best in veterinary surgery that is catered to your pet’s individual needs, contact Godspeed Animal Care today.

The best there is. Makes me wish I was a dog so I could get treated there!

Steve Bour

My two dogs receive top level, state of the art medical care. The vets and techs are highly trained and compassionate.

Linda K

Best Vet and Pet Resort in Hampton Roads. I live 45 minutes away and only take my dog here. They are always so friendly and definitely take care of your pet! I always feel like Butter is getting taken care of when I am gone. I highly recommend both Godspeed Animal Care and St. Francis Pet Resort!

Levinia T

I found out that my dog had a hot spot, and was able to be seen that day. They are very caring people, from the receptionist to the doctor!

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Wonderful place! Crockett was there for doggy playcare. He was happy when I saw him at the end of the day. He came home ate dinner and went to bed! It was a good tiring day !! Thank you!

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I always get excellent service from the employees at Godspeed Animal Care. Everyone is helpful and kind, and they treat all animals well. They will get answers to questions I have about my cat and his special diet. Thank you for being my cat's veterinary office.

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Everyone was so very friendly and treated Ruffles and Wrinkles like little queens. They mean the world to us, and to see the service and treatment they received only confirmed that Godspeed Animal Care will be their permanent veterinarian service. Thanks to all!

Melony Downing.